Tempered Glass Best Practices

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You know what tempered glass is, and where it should be used  around your house. But should doesn’t necessarily mean that it will. Construction is complicated, and to some people, codes are suggestions more than rules.

Best practices exist to make sure things are done right the first time. They’ll also help make sure you’re getting your money’s worth for where you’re investing on your family’s safety.

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Here, There, and Temperwhere?

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Tempered glass is stronger than your regular annealed glass, but also more expensive. It’s still better to use in specific places, rather than all across your home in general.

But where exactly should you use it? Where is your money best spent in providing extra safety for your family?

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Tempered Glass Can Save Your Life

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Everybody loves large glass windows.

It’s almost as if they don’t pose a danger of (trigger warning) breaking into gigantic skin slicing shards of death. I mean, one careless drunken headfirst crash could have you swimming in your own plasma, right?

Well, yes and no.

Yes, technically, large shards of broken glass are the perfect monstrous blend of sharpness and weight to rend flesh. (see – Alaskan Glass Knives)

No – large breakable glass panels have no place in a home.

If you’ve ever run into a clear glass wall and bounced back, chances are tempered glass has saved your life.

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