Through the Foyer: 5 Tips to Make Your Foyer Work For You

20 Through the Foyer


noun; singular
[foi-er] in its American pronunciation, or [fwa-yey] if you’re french, fancy, or feeling celebratory
1. The much overlooked intermediary space between the front door and the living room that could potentially so much more.

In practical terms, a foyer isn’t necessarily defined as a separate space but rather in its function in bridging the inside to the out. Unfortunately, they are often ignored and underutilized. It’s a shame considering how useful they can be; They’re really just as important and deserving of attention as any  space on your wish-list. Whether or not its a separate ante room, or just a small hallway extending from your kitchen to your front door, most homes have a foyer by default. Show it a little love and you can make a foyer work for you and earn its keep.

Consider the tips below and see how you can better use your own.

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