Your Condominium Punch List

12 - Condo Punchlist - Cover

Its been years, and that condo unit you bought at the pre-selling stage is finally ready! Your agent is telling you that all that’s left is to accept the unit and you’re ready to move in.

Hold on!

What they might be glossing over is that you have to accept things as they are first.
There’s actually one more thing you have to do before signing off on the turn over –

The Punch List

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Pre-Construction Patience 1: The Danger of (too) early construction

Pre-Construction Patience 1: The Danger of (too) early construction

Permit purgatory

Building permits can take forever to process.

Unless you’re in a place like Valenzuela where they’ve taken steps to remove possible interactions between permit applicants and the building officials who approve the design, it takes especially long if you don’t want to grease the machine.

Its especially stressful at the point when you’ve gone through the nitty-gritty of design, and the tedious back and forth of the bid process, having it hang above your head that you might not even be allowed to build. It feels like you’re just burning hours, and that December move-in deadline (yes, everyone wants to move in by December) is getting tighter and tighter.

Given friction and delay, you might be tempted to sneak in work before you have papers in hand. Your contractor isn’t raising any objections, or you’re managing your own labor. What’s the worst thing that can happen?

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