Gutter Thoughts: 3 Roof Maintenance Must-do’s

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If you’ve lived in any house long enough, you know what it is to have a roof drain fail. Downspouts leak at the seams and burst, and water flows backwards to the eaves, which start to stain, sag, drop and turn into waterfalls.

Sometimes it’s a case of bad design, but for the most part, it comes down to maintenance. Houses, of course, aren’t one time expenses. Like a partner, it demands attention. The more you ignore it, the bigger the trouble that ensues.

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Dust Deterrent Details

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

There’s nothing like the beginning of a year to inspire you to get things in order and spring clean. I was prepared for sorting through the sheer amount of things I’d collected over time, and the emotional toll of letting go. Clearing room to create more room for focus would be worth it, after all. What I didn’t expect was dust.

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