Through the Foyer: 5 Tips to Make Your Foyer Work For You

20 Through the Foyer


noun; singular
[foi-er] in its American pronunciation, or [fwa-yey] if you’re french, fancy, or feeling celebratory
1. The much overlooked intermediary space between the front door and the living room that could potentially so much more.

In practical terms, a foyer isn’t necessarily defined as a separate space but rather in its function in bridging the inside to the out. Unfortunately, they are often ignored and underutilized. It’s a shame considering how useful they can be; They’re really just as important and deserving of attention as any  space on your wish-list. Whether or not its a separate ante room, or just a small hallway extending from your kitchen to your front door, most homes have a foyer by default. Show it a little love and you can make a foyer work for you and earn its keep.

Consider the tips below and see how you can better use your own.

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Setting Measurable Benchmarks

15 - Measurable Benchmarks - Cover

Designers may be amazing creatures, but they’re very rarely mind-readers. To build your house, talk to your architect. Describe your hopes and expectations for the spaces you’ll need, and how big you want them to be.

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“How much?” is the wrong first question.

14 - How Much is Wrong - Cover

“How much?” is the wrong first question.

While it may sometimes be the simplest way to think about options, asking how much it will cost isn’t necessarily the best way to start thinking about designers.  

Design isn’t an object purchase. It’s not a finished fixed product. It’s a personalized service that’s catered to your particular needs and requirements.  

When you hire a designer you’re taking on a partner to hold your hand through the programming, walk you through generating schemes, advise you on material selection, create your working drawings, and to represent your interests on site as your house is getting built. You have to know who they are, how they work, and what they stand for.  
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War on Heat 3. Mechanical Means

11 - WOH3 Mechanical Means - Cover

(This is the 3rd in a series of articles tackling how we might possibly deal with the indomitable heat in the Philippines. If you haven’t checked them out yet, don’t sweat it. The articles read fine by themselves. When you have time, come back to War on Heat 1: The Cover Up and War on Heat 2: Designed to Breathe.)

In simpler times, you could have done all you could to cover up and insulate your house. If there wasn’t any wind to pull the hot air out though, then you were just out of luck. Of course, these days, we have mechanical ventilation.

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War on Heat 2: Designed to Breathe

10 - WOH2 Designed to Breathe - Cover

(This is the 2nd in a series of articles tackling how we might possibly deal with the indomitable heat in the Philippines. If you haven’t checked it out yet, visit War on Heat 1: The Cover Up. It might just save your life.)

Even if you were able to insulate your home 100%, it doesn’t mean it’ll be heat free. Try as hard as you might to keep it out, there will always be heat indoors. Your dog, the equipment you might have running, the sexual tension between you and the person beside you – all of these generate heat without having anything to do with the sun. At night the situation is even worse. As covered in part 1, your concrete hollow block walls re-radiate the heat into your space. Your enemy is already inside. You need a way to get that hot air out.

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War on Heat 1: The Cover Up

09 - WOH1 The Cover Up
War on Heat 1:  The Cover Up.


Just kidding, this is the Philippines. Even through the coldest months of December to February, heat is still one of the biggest issues to issues to handle in a Filipino house.

(This is the first of 3 articles on the War on Heat. So check in soon, and see if you can’t find anything that can help you against this godawful heat.)

It’s the age old problem. Even the OG bahay kubo and the bahay na bato were developed to combat heat and humidity. It might have been a completely different era, but techniques and components like long overhangs, and permeable materials and screens were developed to keep the heat out and let the home breathe. Today, these principles still hold true as methods of keeping a home cool and comfortable.

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05. Your Bedroom Lighting Breakdown


Of all you home spaces, your bedroom is your sanctum sanctorum – your most private and sacred. Separated from everything else, it’s where you’re most relaxed and most raw. You can go from the most energized, to, quite literally, sedate the next moment, and resting for the following day. I can’t stress it enough that the quality of the bedroom and how well it does its job directly affects the rest of your life. Among all your home spaces, it’s essential that you get it right. And in terms of creating a quality space, few things are more effective, challenging, and nuanced than lighting.

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