Man Cave Basics

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We want our homes to be pretty. Living rooms need to be warm and welcoming, dining rooms need to be clean with a focus on food and family, and bedrooms need to be relaxing and conducive to recuperation (among other things.) Even bathrooms, as utilitarian as they are, need to be neat and presentable to guests.

Let’s be honest, these traits aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think about men. Building a home needs a woman’s touch. And it almost makes you wonder if there’s any room for the undomesticated man.

I know. Making things look good isn’t exclusively a woman’s domain. Some men are just as tasteful and organized and neat. But this one is for the Rough, unshaven, sweaty, stinky Mandads who need their space too.

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Gutter Thoughts: 3 Roof Maintenance Must-do’s

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If you’ve lived in any house long enough, you know what it is to have a roof drain fail. Downspouts leak at the seams and burst, and water flows backwards to the eaves, which start to stain, sag, drop and turn into waterfalls.

Sometimes it’s a case of bad design, but for the most part, it comes down to maintenance. Houses, of course, aren’t one time expenses. Like a partner, it demands attention. The more you ignore it, the bigger the trouble that ensues.

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Through the Foyer: 5 Tips to Make Your Foyer Work For You

20 Through the Foyer


noun; singular
[foi-er] in its American pronunciation, or [fwa-yey] if you’re french, fancy, or feeling celebratory
1. The much overlooked intermediary space between the front door and the living room that could potentially so much more.

In practical terms, a foyer isn’t necessarily defined as a separate space but rather in its function in bridging the inside to the out. Unfortunately, they are often ignored and underutilized. It’s a shame considering how useful they can be; They’re really just as important and deserving of attention as any  space on your wish-list. Whether or not its a separate ante room, or just a small hallway extending from your kitchen to your front door, most homes have a foyer by default. Show it a little love and you can make a foyer work for you and earn its keep.

Consider the tips below and see how you can better use your own.

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Tempered Glass Best Practices

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You know what tempered glass is, and where it should be used  around your house. But should doesn’t necessarily mean that it will. Construction is complicated, and to some people, codes are suggestions more than rules.

Best practices exist to make sure things are done right the first time. They’ll also help make sure you’re getting your money’s worth for where you’re investing on your family’s safety.

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Here, There, and Temperwhere?

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Tempered glass is stronger than your regular annealed glass, but also more expensive. It’s still better to use in specific places, rather than all across your home in general.

But where exactly should you use it? Where is your money best spent in providing extra safety for your family?

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Tempered Glass Can Save Your Life

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Everybody loves large glass windows.

It’s almost as if they don’t pose a danger of (trigger warning) breaking into gigantic skin slicing shards of death. I mean, one careless drunken headfirst crash could have you swimming in your own plasma, right?

Well, yes and no.

Yes, technically, large shards of broken glass are the perfect monstrous blend of sharpness and weight to rend flesh. (see – Alaskan Glass Knives)

No – large breakable glass panels have no place in a home.

If you’ve ever run into a clear glass wall and bounced back, chances are tempered glass has saved your life.

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Small Space VR Presentations

16 Small Space VR Presentations - Cover 2

Small spaces are a special kind of challenge for architectural presentations. Simple VR presentations could go a long way to help communicate the essence of a small space.
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