Man Cave Basics

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We want our homes to be pretty. Living rooms need to be warm and welcoming, dining rooms need to be clean with a focus on food and family, and bedrooms need to be relaxing and conducive to recuperation (among other things.) Even bathrooms, as utilitarian as they are, need to be neat and presentable to guests.

Let’s be honest, these traits aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think about men. Building a home needs a woman’s touch. And it almost makes you wonder if there’s any room for the undomesticated man.

I know. Making things look good isn’t exclusively a woman’s domain. Some men are just as tasteful and organized and neat. But this one is for the Rough, unshaven, sweaty, stinky Mandads who need their space too.

Man cave basics

When not hunting or foraging for food, raising their young, or grooming their spouses, these Mandads can often be found in their sanctuary habitats. While these habitats can be as varied as the different sub species of men that call them home, they do share a few fundamental considerations in common.


After work and chores, between family and conjugal duties, a Mandad needs room to relax. This doesn’t mean needing a villains underground lair, or a secret red room of pain. But it would ideally mean a separate room where a man can just let it all out there, to fart, and belch, and scratch his nuts in private like a manly man.

22 Mancave Support 1 - Privacy.JPG

Relaxing means different things for the varying types of manly men.
While foe many it involves quality time in front of the TV, even then needs vary. Some just need a simple cable connected LCD to watch the game on. While the cinephile might need a full blown home cinema to fulfill his needs.

22 Mancave Support 2 - Gamers.jpg

Many Mandads also need a little bit of alcohol to wind down after a long day. Most would be happy with the inclusion of a mini ref to their man cave – just right to cool that six pack. Others with the luxury of space would include a fully stocked bar complete with ice sphere makers. 

22 Mancave Support 3 - Wine Cellars.jpg


To clutter is human, to collect is divine.
Some collections speak of hobbies like books or movies. Others are specialized identifiers of community and culture like fandom figurines or stamps or vintage goods.  The specific kind of assortment matters less than the habit. Men and women both deliberately seek out items to add to their collection. It’s just that a Mandad’s lot might not fit with the aesthetic of the rest of the house. Its especially important that then to give it a place in the man cave as a showcase and point of pride, rather than having the assemblage strewn willy-nilly across the house.

22 Mancave Support 4 - Toys.jpg

Maker / Mender / Mechanic

Man caves make space for the things that don’t have to be pretty. The beauty of a tool lies in how effective and functional it can be. Man caves understand this and provide a place where these tools can be stored as well as put to work. Whether if it’s for a hobby like crafting, or carpentry and home repair, or car mechanics manly tasks require equipment and an environment in which they can be used.

22 Mancave Support 5 - Tools.jpg

Manly activities take manly amounts of energy. Sometimes Mandads are just too tired to put things away immediately. Stuff from work, trips out of town, jaunts outdoors – Man caves make a good place to temporarily plop them down instead of just anywhere across the house.
No, things won’t put themselves away. But men will get to them eventually (… In time)

22 Mancave Support 5 - Eventually.jpg


Houses should be pretty. Mostly men are anything but. Man caves make sure there’s a space for even the wildest Mandads to call home.


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Jiddu Bulatao

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