Setting Measurable Benchmarks

15 - Measurable Benchmarks - Cover

Designers may be amazing creatures, but they’re very rarely mind-readers. To build your house, talk to your architect. Describe your hopes and expectations for the spaces you’ll need, and how big you want them to be.

It’s well and good to say that you’d like your future bedroom to be like your current one, only bigger. But it’s not very useful. It’s better to set quantifiable benchmarks for the type of rooms you have in mind.

Taking measurements is the single best way to help you get an understanding of how big your reference areas actually are, enroute to defining what you’ll eventually build.

Quick tips:

  1. As soon as you know you’d want to build a home, invest in a 5 to 8 meter steel tape measure. Take it with you everywhere you go- on vacations, friends houses, anywhere you think you’ll get a good reference for the size.
    (If you’re taking a flight, you might want to check your steel tape measure in your baggage. Airlines don’t take too kindly to sharp metal objects on board the plane.
  2. Take notes and photos to support the measurements. Hard numbers and clear visuals will be the best way to communicate your ideal. If you can – draw out a plan, indicating the doors, windows, and furniture of your reference rooms for better understanding.
  3. Yes, measure your ideals for reference. But when in doubt (or under the watchful eye of suspicious people on charge) ask permission first.
    (People are generally good and should understand.)
  4. Don’t forget the vertical! Heights play a key role in the feel of the space.
    Start measuring from the floor upwards, pushing the steel tape along the wall for more stability.

Having to assume for someone else how big they’ll need a space to be is about as fun as guessing someone’s weight. Guesses are rarely right, and people are likely to be upset by the end. Its best to set unique and measurable benchmarks for you as a starting point to getting the home you deserve.


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