00. There are houses and there are homes.

A house is four walls and a roof, built by pouring concrete over steel, and laying masonry blocks. They’re measured in the number of bedrooms, and bathrooms and sold at a cost based on area.  They hold your things, and create a space for you to eat and sleep and watch TV.

A home is your refuge from the stress of the day, and a safe place for your family to grow. It’s value is measured in the experiences had and the memories you’ve made in the space, in how well it creates a sanctuary, and how well it readies you for the challenges ahead. Homes are made through deliberate decisions to shape the space you live in, knowing that they ultimately shape you.  A home is where you live.

You might be lucky enough to find a house that fulfills your needs. A good home is made that way by design.  Its spaces work thoughtfully and efficiently – tailored specifically for you.


Consider Home by Design your primer for everything home design, architecture and construction in the Philippines. Whether you’re in the middle of a home build in full swing, or are 20 years from building your dream abode, check-in every week and you might just find something inspiring or useful for your own home. Better yet, email homebydesignph@outlook.com and we’ll see if we can shed some light on your particular concerns.

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